Graduated from BA, Fine Arts in RMIT University, major in painting.


My work is interested in the relationship between human and objects in our society of consumerism. With the cultivation process of my aesthetic sense, one foot in humanistic tradition and the other in pop culture, my art reflects on the inseparable relationship between human and objects of consumerism hold-sway society.


In my works, I would like to explore human desire, obsession and objectification under the illusion of symbols in the society.


With popular magazine images, advertisements and packaging as well as different consuming products as references; I distill their elements into fine and details paintings in high-key colors, so they carry a sense of seductiveness, metaphoric for human desire and consuming culture. Junk food, high heels, fashion products, machine components, bodies parts and organs are the elements can be found in my works. I’m interested in finding the relationship between pop cultures with human, and the illusion create by them.


Glossy glamour, disturbing violence and whimsy queerness are elements you will discover in my works.



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